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can i crawl around your bones and make my home?

3 November
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Emily. Currently living in Chicago.
I like science, hockey, animals, dancing, frisbee and rock climbing.

100 monkeys, 30 rock, 30 seconds to mars, ace enders, ace of cakes, across the universe, adventure time, amanda blank, an education, andrew bird, animal crossing, arcade fire, arrested development, avatar: the last airbender, bad rabbits, bat for lashes, ben fold, benny and joon, big bang theory, big fish, bon jovi, brand new, brittany s. pierce, butch walker, chris colfer, chuck palahniuk, code lyoko, community, criminal minds, crystal castles, dancing, darren criss, death cab for cutie, deerhoof, dexter, doctor who, edward scissorhands, empires, entourage, eragon, family of the year, fight club, fleet foxes, flight of the conchords, freaks and geeks, glee, harry potter, heroes, house, inception, iron man, it's always sunny, jack's mannequin, jon stewart, kiss kiss bang bang, kurt hummel, lady gaga, landon pigg, legend of zelda, local natives, making things awkward, mark ronson, mean girls, metric, mgmt, misfits, misha collins, modern family, not eating meat, painting, panic at the disco, passion pit, phantom planet, phineas and ferb, phoenix, prince of persia, queer as folk, ra ra riot, robert downey jr, ryan adams, scrubs, skins, something corporate, star trek, supernatural, tame impala, the beatles, the devil wears prada, the dresden dolls, the flaming lips, the hunger games, the hush sound, the kinks, the like, the office, the outsiders, the smashing pumpkins, the smiths, the sounds, the time traveler's wife, the vampire diaries, the young ones, the young veins, the zombies, true blood, two door cinema club, vampire weekend, video games, vivan girls, wilco, will tucker, zombieland